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Zen Office

Free Your Body, Free Your Breathing, Free Your Creativity

A portable work station for laptop computers, writing, and reading that can be used in three different ways:

1--as a floor desk and for active sitting while kneeling, squatting or perching

2--as a seat and podium for active sitting at a standard height desk

3--as a stand up desk

* This simple set of props turns everyday sedentary desk work into an all day workout. Versatile, customizable, modular, eco friendly furniture to bring movement and power to your office setting.

* Vertically aligns body and eliminates back pain from chair sitting.

* Active sitting effortlessly burns calories, increases flexibility, circulation, and tones the core.

* Act like a nerd but don't look like a nerd...takes the slump out of laptop use.

* Sleek minimalist eco-modern design compliments any room or lobby.

* Inspired by low Japanese furniture design.

* Knocks down in seconds.

* Normally laptop computers are exceptionally hard on the back because one has to stoop to see the screen which is too low. See Laptop Ergonomics.

* This work station puts the screen closer to eye level and the keyboard at a comfortable level as well.

* Active Sitting enhances concentration and creativity by activating and synchronizing both hemispheres of the brain (brain wave synchronization).

* Constructed from non-toxic, recycled and
eco-friendly materials. Made in America with Fair Trade Labor. No PBDE's.


Floor based work station for laptop computer, reading, or writing.

$247.50 (10% off Individual Items)
Zen Office™ consists of a Tilt Seat™
and Peace Bench™ combination




* Small 19.5 inches tall in front
generally fits people under 5'4"
* M
edium 20.5 inches tall in front
generally fits people 5'4" to 6 feet tall
* Large 21.5 inches tall in front
generally fits people over 6'

Laptop Ergonomics: Illustration of the ergonomic problems with laptop computers. There is NO POSITION THAT WORKS, unless you think outside the box, or outside the traditional desk/chair environment.


Dear Carolina Mornings,

I had lived with chronic back pain for twenty-five years. This pain has awakened me every single night since its inception when I was nineteen years old. I am now forty-four.

I have used inversion tables, physical therapy, stretching (which I still do), yoga (which I still do), special exercises (which I still do), hypnosis for pain, a variety of chiropractors and massage therapists, and even seening accredited "healers" in hopes of getting something more than slight transient relief of this chronic pain.

Within two hours of my first usage of the tilt chair and peace bench, I noticed a gradual relieving of the constant strained feeling in my lower back! By the time the first two hours were up, I reported 80% to 90% relief of all back pain and soreness, shoulder stiffness and soreness, and 80% relief of neck soreness, aching and stiffness.

I then tried a few gentle stretches, and my range of motion was increased! That night, after using the tilt chair and having my peace bench on my desk to hold my computer keyboard, I slept FOR THE FIRST ENTIRE NIGHT WITHOUT PAIN SINCE I WAS NINETEEN! I am amazed.

I am so grateful to Carolina Morning and Patrick (the designer) for these wonderful items. They are not advertised as miracle furnishings, but to me they are. I never expected anything like this. I have had no recurring back or neck pain since using the tilt chair and peace bench! I meditate with greater ease using the peace bench. My posture has improved. I feel much more energy! Feelings of fatigue and tension have dropped tremendously, since I don't wake up in pain and discomfort anymore! I am done with putting chiropractor's kids through graduate school, and I am tired of making mortgage payments for every so-called "healer" who has claimed they could help my back. I plan to be buried with my tilt chair and peace bench, cause I'm taking them with me forever! With my eternal gratitude,


Wilella Nelson, B.A., B.S.N., R.N.

Until two weeks ago I did all of my studying at the library.  Then I bought something I’ve wanted for years, a desk.  It’s very small, ergonomic and it can double as a meditation stool, if you don’t meditate it will still straighten your back.  This is the first time I’ve used this desk style.  I am impressed; my wrists don’t get sore and you are forced to sit upright which will hold off fatigue. I can already feel a surge in my creativity.

Portland, OR

Floor based yoga furniture for easing back pain, toning the core, and stimulating creativity as you work at what would otherwise be debilitating DESK WORK.


Here the same products are used in opposite ways: the Tilt Seat™ is the actual chair and the Peace Bench™ props the laptop high for better viewing. The sitting position is essentially the same but you're not sitting on the floor.




As a work station at a standard height desk.

As a Stand Up Desk using external keyboard and mouse.

As a floor based work station.

Pursa Zula of working in her Yurt with the portable Zen Office™ work station

Having used a gamut of seating situations for computer work, ranging from cardboard-box standing desks, to $22 Ikea hacks for a standing desk, and even yoga balls for active sitting, I can say with confidence that I donŐt think I will ever need another desk besides the Carolina Mornings Design Zen Office. Since it breaks back down to two small packages, with no tools required for assembly, I can take it anywhere, and whenever I get tired in one position, I can quickly move to another.

How to Ground Computer

--very important!




Tilt Seat Eco Chair™ comes apart in seconds. A few easy steps will have it back together. Bring it to the beach or park!






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