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Buckwheat Filled Yoga Block

* Earth friendly yoga block. Organic Cotton and ecologically-grown Buckwheat Hulls.

* RIGID for supporting the standard yoga positions, yet soft enough to be used as a sitting cushion or bolster for back stretches.

* It is soft to the touch, breathable and washable--includes a zippered removable cover.

* A tiny handle on one end helps make it easier to handle.

* This is an alternative to the cork and bamboo (made in China) yoga blocks which are imported, thus adding to the environmental burden.

* Be the first on your BLOCK to try it out!

* Tested and endorsed by certified yoga teachers.

Customer Testmonial

This yoga block is amazing. I have found many more uses than the standard hard yoga blocks. It substitutes for a yoga blanket in many poses and works better. If I had to choose just one yoga prop--this would be it. It helps my beginner students to ease into forward bend and side triangle. For lotus sitting they work great, providing the elevation of 2 or 3 blankets. This allows the hip flexors to open gently--they love the support.

Because of their softness, they work great when we place them between our knees, to squeeze into them as we gently do an abdominal curl or as a support for the lower back in bridge pose.

In a restorative pose call 'bound ankle reclining pose' the blocks are used to support the knees as the back is arched over 2-3 blankets, the strap is placed at the lower back and comes around to the ankles, while the soles of the feet are together and pulled close to the buttocks. Usually blankets are used to support the knees and these blocks work great. I believe it is their soft, yet firm consistency tha makes them so versatile.

I am sure I will continue to find more uses. Thanks so much for such a wonderful product!

Anita Blackwell

Yoga Teacher

Spruce Pine, North Carolina


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