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Chemical Free
Organic Kapok Pillows


* The soft feel of organics no other material can match.

* No toxic offgassing

* Mold and dust mite resistant

* Kapok is a Sustainable Rainforest Crop (Read more About Kapok)

* Choose from 3 levels of firmness

* Stuffing can be added and removed through hidden opening

* Optional EM Ceramics powder which emits Far Infrared Red for EMF protection and calming.

* The outer cover is 100% organic cotton sateen. Sateen is very soft, 240 thread count, off white fabric. The inner fabric is 100% organic cotton ticking.

* Buckwheat pillows work better for back sleeping--in our experience. This is considered 'neutral' position for spinal health which lengthens and aligns spine.

A pillow which pushes the head/neck up cuts off optimal breathing and can contribute to sleep apnea.

NOTE: Due to Federal Health and Safety Regulations, bedding products, including sleeping pillows, may not be returned.

The Ergonomics of Sleep: Sweet Dreams on a Hard Surface

Organic kapok pillows. Standard size: 20" x 26"
lite fill 1.5--$39.50
medium fill 2.0--$44.00
firm fill 2.5--$48.50

Queen Size Available Also

Optional zippered PILLOW PROTECTORS available.











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