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Eco Backrest™
Floor Lounge Chair Relaxation Station

Change the way you do things.


Floor Seating

Laptop w/ Tilt Seat™ Desk

Lay Down Work Station

Lounge on EcoSquare™


Close your eyes and imagine going to work and doing yoga all day AS YOU WORK. You are relaxed, calm, focused, energized, productive. You move through the day with ease and poise. Whatever mood or energy level you have at the time, you can shift into various positions which feel good such as standing, squatting, kneeling, and yes, LOUNGING.

That dream is a reality for many people who find ways to integrate the yoga ideals like stretching, toning and breathing that feel so good--into the office, living room, and bedroom.

The EcoBackrest¬ is a multi-position, multi-dimensional, multi-use lounge chair which opens the chest and breathing cavity for deep breathing and alignment.

It also widens the chest and lengthens the spine, getting us out of the C Shaped Slump that the everyday office set up puts us in.

This chair is basically several yoga props built into one solid piece of furniture that can be used while actually DOING THINGS that would normally be done at a standard desk and chair work station.

It also creates comfortable, sleek and stylish living room furniture especially when combined with our EcoSquare¬ platform.

The EcoBackrest¬ is revolutionary because it allows the body a chance to rest periodically throughout the day without interrupting the flow of work and activities.

This floor or bed lounge chair puts the body in SPINE NEUTRAL which means, the natural alignment you would experience while standing and walking or laying down, or during the yoga pose of TADASANDA or SHAVASANA.

Not only that but when combined with the EcoSquare¬ platform stand, you have a complete stand-alone lounge chair that is an alternative to standard living room or office seating.


And next time you watch a video, it could be from an EcoBackrest¬!


Most comfortable way to read in bed.



Available in Organic Natural, Indigo,
Lavendar, Moss, and Cinnamon
click here for color swatches


The Lay Down Workstation using Eco Backrest™ Floor Lounge Chair propped on an Eco Block™ (armrest).You feel like you're floating while lying on your tummy! The neck and shoulders are relaxed and free of pressure.

Eco Backrest™ combined with EcoSquares™ to create eclectic minimalist living room arrangement--a very comfortable LOVE SEAT. EcoSquares™ can be moved together to create a bed at night. Best way ever to watch a movie!

Customer Testimonials

The EcoBackrest™ became an excellent tool to help educate my body on what exactly were beneficial positions of ease while relaxing. After the 'right' amount of lounge sitting, my body would be ready to get up and move again. It is also holding up well to much use.

Lara Sobel

Kirkland, WA

This chair is absolutely amazing! My brother was the first to purchase one and found it to be theÿ■ ultimate. I was so impressed by his I bought one 1 month later. Love mine too! So big thanks to Patrick for inventing this chair.

The Nook Fan


I bought your Eco Backrest™ set because since I've started working from home, I've been switching positions at least a few times a day, but I'm finding that the ways I'm sitting and laying are far from healthy! I tried to rig up something like it with pillows I had around the house--but they're just not cutting it. I also want something that I can move from my bed to my office floor and back easily. I'm super excited to put this to good use!! Thanks so much!


I originally found the article on the ergonomics of sleep when I was looking for a more ergonomic position to sleep in after replacing my old spring mattress with a used futon. I will definitely be saving up for your queen futon set! (And quite possibly 75% of everything else you sell, too! :)

I came back for the Eco Backrest set because since I've started working from home, I've been switching positions at least a few times a day, but I'm finding that the ways I'm sitting and laying are far from healthy! I came up with something similar to the yoga lounge with asome random pillows I had around the house--but they're just not cutting it. I also want something that I can move from my bed to my office floor and back easily. I'm super excited to put this to good use!! Thanks so much!

Carolyn Eilola,
St. Regis Falls, NY



EcoBackrest™ reviewed on

Lounge Chairs for Bad Backs

"The chronic back problems that plague many people can be relieved at least in part by choosing different chairs -- even those designed for lounging. A simple change in sitting or reclining posture can ease joint stress and relieve back pain."


EcoBackrest™ basic is a wooden frame with an organic cotton fabric stuffed with kapok padded seat that straps to the frame. This comes with it’s own adjustable lumbar pillow and neck pillow.
Options Include:
1--Armrests: either inflatable or stuffed with kapok. Dimensions: 13”x15”x8”.
2--Removable cover.
3--Tilt Seat™ laptop/reading/writing desk.
4--Cotton straps and sticky mat strips for holding down the laptop to the Tilt Seat™ desk.
4--Yoga bolster for under knees.
About the Materials
Frame is composed of Medex, which is an eco-friendly medium density fiberboard (MDF) made from 100% recycled wood. This material is non-toxic and Forest Stewardship Council Certified, with no added formaldehyde like the other MDF’s.
To that we add a non-toxic, whey-based finish called Vermont Natural Coatings Furniture Finish. We also mix in some ‘magic’ ingredients to further the health and well being effects: EM™ Ceramic Powder and Amythest gemstone powder. These rock dusts are embedded in the finish and provide several benefits through their healing frequencies. These benefits include: relaxation on a cellular and vibrational level, discharging static electricity from the body, mitigating some of the effects of electrosmog pollution, and balancing the energy of the chakras.
The padded part of the chair, the seat cushion, is constructed from organic cotton canvas and stuffed with chemical free kapok. Kapok is a sustainable rain forest crop from the down-like fluffy fiber of the kapok tree
For Care and Use Instructions click here

Eco Backrest™ combined with EcoSquare™ and using a Sky Bench™ as Laptop Desk.


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