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Peace Bench™

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(a.k.a. meditation bench, kneeling bench, seiza bench, yoga seat, meditation seat, prayer bench, yoga bench, floor sitting bench)

  • Our portable meditation bench comes in four pieces to keep you in One Peace!
  • Innovative design is sturdy when assembled, yet knocks down in seconds for easy traveling. Connects via cotton straps on the sides.
  • Made from non-toxic 100% recycled content wood fiberboard with no added formaldehyde. Material is Forest Stewardship Council Certified. Non-toxic finish protects and gives a dark honey sheen.
  • You can sit in kneeling position or put knees in air for 'Sky' position, as shown in photos.
  • This seiza bench comes in three sizes. You can get the perfect fit! See the chart below for sizing details.
  • The bottom of the leg is slightly curved in the front half and straight in the back. The front half is gently rounded to allow the bench to move with the needs of the sitter (this adjusts the angle of the seat to whatever is needed), yet the back half is flat, to keep the bench from rocking backwards too far.
  • Weighs only four pounds. Easy to pack in a suitcase or backpack because the pieces are not connected.
Peace Bench™ $88.


Padded Bench Cushion $26

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More Details:

This meditation seat is environmentally-friendly: Made from a Forest Certified, 100% recycled wood content composite material called Medex. This is a wood fiber product that uses wood scraps that would otherwise be discarded. A strap made of cotton webbing slips over the knob on each side to hold the bench together. The bench is hand-finished with a non-toxic finish to give it a dark honey color.


I just received my Peace Bench last night and used it this morning. It is amazing! Thanks so much. I have been meditating since 1993 and have graduated from a hard filled zafu, to buckwheat, to now a bench following a recent back injury (sciatica) that has made it difficult to sit cross legged, even now that the injury has healed. I have been kneeling with two cushions and decided to try the bench. I couldn't be happier. It is so comfortable. I was able to sit very peacefully without uncomfortable pressure in my hips, knees, shins, feet or back. Bravo! I thank you very very much and will recommend this bench to my friends and mentors in my sangha in Los Angeles! I also have a body pillow which I love from your company. I love it so much that I took it with me on a meditation retreat to Thailand in October! Thanks for your great products.




I just received my peace bench today, and I just wanted to thank you. I love it! The wood has such a nice feel, and I'm thrilled with how light, portable and handsome it is. And you sent it out so quickly too. Now all I have to do is get my family and friends into meditation, and I'll have the perfect gift for them :).

Best regards,




I love my Peace Bench. It has really improved my ability to focus because I am not sitting in an uncomfortable position.


Your products are great.



Small size: 5 3/4" tall in front
7 3/4" tall in back
fits people under 5'4"

Medium size: 6 3/4" tall in front
8 3/4" tall in back back
fits people 5'4" to 6 feet tall

Large size: 7 3/4" tall in front
9 3/4" tall in back

Seat Top: 7" x 18" on all sizes

For a larger bench see our SKY BENCH

Peace Bench™ $88
weighs four pounds


small size: 5 3/4" tall in front
7 3/4" tall in back
fits people under 5'4"

medium size: 6 3/4" tall in front
8 3/4" tall in back back
fits people 5'4" to 6 feet tall

large size: 7 3/4" tall in front
9 3/4" tall in back

Seat Top: 7" x 18" on all sizes

For a larger bench see our SKY BENCH








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